26th Annual Chicago Asian American Jazz Festival – CAAJF
Nov 4 2022
Nov 7 2022
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27th Annual Chicago Asian American Jazz Festival (CAAJF)


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Fri, Nov 4

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Sat, Nov 5

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Mon, Nov 7

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Green Line Performing Arts Center 

329 East Garfield Boulevard Chicago, IL 60637



Gary Tu
Gary Tu
Friday Nov 4

Jeff Chan and Suwan Choi

Chicago multi-instrumentalist/composer Jeff Chan and international pungmul (Korean traditional percussion) artist Suwan Choi have been creating a duo language that is informed by musical forms that include jazz, new/creative music, improvisation and Korean traditional music.

Mai Sugimoto Trio

Mai Sugimoto is a saxophonist, composer, and active member of Chicago’s jazz and improvisational music scene. Sugimoto draws inspiration from her upbringing in Japan and her roots in jazz to compose and perform from her unique multicultural experience. Born/Raised, her debut album (Asian Improv Records, 2018), explores this cultural and musical binary, juxtaposing, among others, a jazz rendition of a Japanese children’s song alongside compositions inspired by the American jazz idiom.

Gary Tu
Saturday Nov 5

Yoko Noge and Jazz Me Blues

Yoko Noge is an inventive band leader/singer/pianist. Yoko’s band, the Jazz Me Blues melds an incredible mix of Chicago blues, jazz, Japanese music and Yoko’s compositions. From 1978 to 2010, the band performed at venues such as the Chicago Blues Festival, the Chicago Jazz Festival, the Asian American Jazz Festival. She tours in Europe and Japan regularly.

Gary Tu
Monday Nov 7

The MIYUMI Project

The MIYUMI Project is one of the longest standing amalgams, drawing upon the aesthetics of Japanese traditional music and Chicago’s creative jazz and experimental music scene. The presentations are improvised compositions that stem from a conceptual framework for each band member to interpret, which is then transformed into a contemporary musical immersion for the audience. Each successive grouping of MIYUMI Project musicians over the past two decades have contributed to the unique blending of modern application with traditional sensibility.